The SDI Open Water course is SDI’s entry level scuba course that is designed to train divers in the necessary academics and skills to conduct open water dives.


An SDI Open Water course from Uncharted Diving usually takes place over three to four days with one day in the pool and two to three days in the ocean. There will be academic sessions, but those can usually be done in the evenings or via online study. It’s best to work with two consecutive weekends, but we have flexibility here.


You will not want to commute to/from Yokohama or Tokyo for an Open Water course. We recommend these hotels, but you are welcome to stay anywhere in the same area.

For classes in Atami, the Toyoko Inn is clean and inexpensive. Be sure to book a few weeks before the class as this hotel does sell out most weekends.

For classes in Osezaki, you can stay at Osekan, the dive center we use. They have a traditional Japanese inn with tatami mats and futons. The cost is about ¥8000 per person per night (which includes dinner & breakfast). The other option for Osezaki is staying at a regular hotel in Numazu. We like the Cocochee Hotel and either of the two Toyoko Inns, but there are many to pick from. You will need a car to travel from Numazu to Osezaki.


The fee for this course is 65,000 JPY.

What is not included?

  • Resort or hotel accommodation
  • Transport to/from dive site/resort
  • Food
  • Personal dive gear – mask & wetsuit
  • There are no additional hidden costs.

We accept cash (USD or JPY), credit cards or bank transfer (see right for signup information).


Our pool dives will take place at Yugawara Sports Club in Yugawara, Kanagawa.

Our ocean dives will take place at Osezaki and/or Atami (using Osekan Marine Service and Atami Scuba). These locations offer both good facilitates for running this type of course and protected diving spots so that we aren’t limited much by weather.


Please arrange your own transportation to and from the diving site.


You will need to following diving equipment for the course:

  • Mask
  • Wetsuit (can usually be rented from the dive center, but please contact us in advance to ensure we can get your size)


  1. Contact us to find a date that works with our schedules.
  2. Pay a 20,000 JPY non-refundable deposit to lock in the dates.
  3. Prepare for the class by reviewing the materials (more information will come via email).